1000mg Vitamin B17 Infused Cannabis Oil - 30ml


Spectranoid Medicinal Range

 1000mg Cannabis Oil Infused with Vitamin B17

The absolute and uncontested standard in modern cannabis oil products. Produced using selected strains, this non-psychoactive, full spectrum oil is extracted using a complicated, and precise method of Co2 extraction instead of the traditional solvent methods. This ensures a natural, clean end product.

To add to the already industry leading oil's effectiveness and proven superior composition, Spectranoid Medicinal has once again changed the industry by infusing our oils with Vitamin B17 - a little known Cancer destroyer.

You won't find it at your local pharmacy, but there are literally thousands upon thousands of pages available for research online - from articles, to forums and recognized studies.

A South African, and world first, this formulation has been mastered by our own experts over years of research and development.

Sealed and then packaged in a controlled environment, leaving you confident of nothing less than the Spectranoid Medicinal level of quality and consistency.

Available in 30ml or 100ml